Every Thing, acrylic, watercolor and gouache on paper, 16.25x11.5", 2012

Toasted Cement, watercolor, gouache, and nail polish on paper, 10x7.5", 2013

Hard To Please, latex, gouache, acrylic, nail polish and glue on linen, 10x8", 2013

Withholding Evidence, acrylic, nail polish, oil and gouache on canvas, 14x11", 2013

On The Other Side, latex, glitter, eyeshadow and found papers on plexi, 18x10", 2012

The Misfortune Of Knowing How Your Brain Works, 9x6.5", gouache and acrylic on wood, 2013

Tearing Skin and Applying Bandages, latex, 10x12", 2012

The Ex Other Half Of My Heart and Soul (nbd), glitter and latex, 9x11", 2012

A Year Or Two, gouache on paper, 11x8.5", 2012

Cashmere, gouache on paper, 12x9", 2012

Maybe He Can Read My Mind After All, gouache, oil stick and nail polish on Bhutan paper, 8x6", 2012

Sea Mist, acrylic, tape, nail polish, watercolor, eyeshadow and gouache on paper, 15.5x11", 2012

Velvet Heart, latex, glitter and gesso on paper, 11.5x9", 2012

How Lucky, nail polish and gouache on Bhutan paper, 8x6", 2012

Some Days, latex, spray paint, gouache, and eyeshadow on paper, 17x11.5", 2012